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Spiral Jetty by Robert Smithson Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Spiral Jetty by Robert Smithson - Essay Example The essay "Spiral Jetty by Robert Smithson" discovers Spiral Jetty, the earthwork sculpture by Robert Smithson. The Spiral Jetty was completed in 1970 and is located in Great Salt Lake, Utah. Museums around the world show pictures of the earthworks created by Robert. Robert was killed in a plane crash in 1973 while overseeing one of his artworks by plane. Robert’s use of the earth to create modern art was a form of larger than life expression and a new way to produce works of art. The works by Robert made him an original contributor and opened a gateway for new artist to express themselves. During the 1970’s this was a time of change. People were expressing themselves more than ever and looking to change the world. Robert Smithson appeared to be much appreciative of the earth and each architectural element the earth was able to provide. Robert traveled around the world searching for specific areas where he could produce earth works and create art that would exert the mo st artistic impact. This is shown in a trip made by Robert Smithson and John Lloyd Stevens. During the trip the two traveled to the Yucatan Peninsula on an expedition in what Roberts hoped to find a new place to create art. This was just one of many trips made by Robert. Roberts contributed too many creative contributions that shaped art in the 1970’s. Spiral Jetty which was created in Great Salt Lake, Utah is a great example of the many creative contributions that Robert created. Spiral Jetty took much man power to create. Spiral Jetty is 1500ft long and spirals. The earth work was made possible by the use of dump trucks, a tractor and 6500 tons of earth (Galenson). What made the earth work so creative was not the work out into creating it but the idea that the Spiral Jetty would not be visible at all times. The Great Salt Lake rises and lowers. This rising and lowering meant that the Spiral Jetty would not be visible at all times. When the Spiral Jetty was finally made visi ble, it was a beautiful piece of art made solely out of earth. Symbolism Each piece of art created by Robert Smithson symbolized so much more than the average art. It has been quoted throughout the life of Robert that he thought of a new way of thinking. This new way of thinking symbolized that art was not something that could only be displayed in a museum (White Duncan). Robert proved this by his way of showing that art can come in any size. It was also very symbolic for an artist to display a form of art that was only visible when the water level was appropriate. This clearly symbolized that art is something that should be appreciated as one may not know when it will be visible again. Meaning of the Works There is much meaning felt behind the works of Robert Smithson and creations like the Spiral Jetty. Robert had a mind that wanted to express art in a new way. Although he was not the only artist to explore using earth to create art, the meaning behind his work leaves one to wonde r the meaning. This could be exactly what Robert wanted to create. He may have wanted those in the future to create their own meaning behind what was created. That is the beauty behind art in itself. Each on looker will develop a sense and feeling toward each piece of work. That makes work like the Spiral Jetty so remarkable. This also gives meaning to words that Robert lived by which explained that art is not something that necessarily has to be kept in a museum. Conclusion The artwork made by artist in the late twentieth century opened many doors and enabled future artist to look at art in a different perspective. Earthworks showed how precious and beautiful earth can be. Showing earths beauty was an important part of life for many in the 1970’

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